A day in the life of Errand Girl

My job gives me the opportunity to meet such interesting people and so many wonderful animals.

On a typical day I might start by driving to a client’s home and feeding his dog and cat, watering his potplants, taking in the letters and putting out the garbage for collection while he is on an overseas holiday.

Next I might be called upon to drive two of my elderly clients to do some shopping and then take them to a café for morning tea before taking them home again, unloading the car and putting the shopping away for them.

Then I could be called on to drive another client to Penrith to shop for a smartphone. One of my clients was swapping from a basic mobile to a smartphone and was very nervous about mastering the technology. I stayed with her, showing her how to use the functions she would need to keep in touch with her relatives and have returned on several occasions to show her how to make further use of the internet.

After lunch I may be called to say the plumber is on his way to the house of a client who commutes to Sydney and requires some emergency repairs. I have picked up the spare key the night before and will drive to the house to let him in and make sure the owner’s two dogs don’t get in the way. I will watch the work to ensure that nothing is damaged and will phone the owner if the plumber needs information I can’t supply. I will close up the house, leaving the key on the table when the plumber has finished. While the plumber works I may was the dishes, or throw the ball for the dogs in the yard, depending on what the client has requested.

Later in the afternoon I may have one of my furry clients to walk. I regularly walk two gorgeous staffy-cross dogs whose mum works in the city and is too tired to give the girls the workout they need. We do a varied circuit of at least 2 kilometres a day, which is a standard half hour walk. I send their mum a screenshot of the app which shows the route we have taken and the length of the journey, and let her know if they made any friends o anything else noteworthy. I sometimes take a snap of the girls flopped in the shade near their water bowl and happily panting. After leaving their house the other day I saw one of my other four-legged clients wandering the streets after having escaped from his yard. He came to me when I called him and I was able to alert his mum that he had been out but that I had taken him home and put him back in his yard.

Then it’s back to feed and walk the dogs I am pet-sitting. Sometimes I am asked to spend the night with the pets while their owners are away so I’ll detour past my place and make sure my own cats are well-fed and played with before settling down for the night with my furry clients.

Another day may start by taking an elderly client to a medical appointment and driving him back home. I might then be called on to drive a couple to IKEA for some furniture shopping. To the absolute delight of my clients I was able to assemble their new flat-pack furniture for them as well.

After lunch I may put in a few hours of dusting and vacuuming for a regular client.

I may end that afternoon taking a dog to Petbarn for a good wash and dry for a client who is time-poor.

In the evening I will do an hour’s data entry of bills and receipts for a tradesman whose forte is not invoicing and will email him the completed file.

I love my life.

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