Coping with the heat

So part 3 of my packing posts will have to wait because my brain has melted this last week. Climate change isn’t great for dog walkers, just FYI 😐

Instead I thought I would pass on a few tips for helping the fur babies cope with the heat.

Obviously the first point is to have enough shade and water for them. My very pampered clients never have a problem there, but it always bears repeating.

Henry adores his wading pool, which becomes that colour almost the second it gets refilled! Note the big ice block in the water bowl beside him too

I don’t walk dogs if my car temperature gauge says it’s above 28 degrees. For some dogs (especially the dark coloured or older dogs) even that’s too hot and I’ll try to get them walked before the temperature goes above 25. On the days we have a walk booked but it’s just too hot (or I had too many walks booked to get there before it hit the “too hot” mark) I will discuss the options with their folks and we generally decide on putting it off for another day.

If however the pups need a visit because they’re inside all day, or they need feeding as well as entertaining, that’s when we need to be a bit more creative about our visits.

An air conditioned house is nice and easy, as we can turn on the aircon for an hour or so, play fetch or tug inside the house, have a nice old cuddle, and also make the house pleasant for the rest of the day.

Some dogs adore chasing the water from the hose, which serves double duty of cooling them down and wearing them out a bit.

Poppy doesn’t want the game to end, even after I’ve gone back inside

Others like to flop in their wading pool and just lie there indefinitely. Do dogs get pruny fingers?

An air conditioned car ride and a short walk by the lake is a favourite too, it’s less physical activity but they still get the stimulation of being out and seeing and smelling new people and places with the added bonus of a bit of a splash.

Hank always looks like he’s worried about my driving!
Who needs dignity when you can have a good old splash and roll?

And some, like poor Polly, just look at me balefully and want to know why I don’t stop the nasty heat. For those I can just use the wet towels and keep apologising for my lack of facility for weather magic…

“I’m melllllltiiiiinnnng! Make it stop!”

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  1. We engaged Rochelle when one of my dogs was left on his own after his litter mate of 10 years passed away. Our dog was very stressed and highly anxious, so was not an easy client for Rochelle. However, her level of professionalism and doggy know-how soon became obvious as our dog warmed up to her and with the help of her lovely dog Poppy, have been instrumental in helping my grief-stricken boy get back on his feet. Whilst this is still an ongoing process with our pooch, we couldn’t be more grateful to Rochelle – she is a Godsend! Don’t know what we would have done without her 🙂

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