2018 in review

For my first blog post of 2019 I thought I would start with a bit of a roundup of 2018, my first full year of being Errand Girl.

  • Number of dog walks: 867
  • Daily average walked: 6.9km (10,401 steps)
  • Total kilometres walked: 2,518.5 km (3,796,365 steps)
  • Shoes worn out: 3 pairs
  • Smallest walking buddy: Suki @ 2.5 kg

  • Largest walking buddy: Polly @ 87 kg

  • Largest lapdog:BJ @ 52.5 kg

  • Oldest furry client: Ned Kelly @ 19 yrs

  • Youngest furry client: Penny @ 10 weeks

Sometimes I think that 2009 me wouldn’t recognise 2019 me. Around then was the first time I got a Fitbit, as part of a work initiative in my office job at the time. Before its untimely demise in the washing machine I learned that I was averaging 3500 steps a day, and the highest it ever got was if I decided to stroll around my local shopping centre on the weekend.

2009 me would have rolled her eyes ( and frequently did) at anybody who dared to suggest that a walk would help her feel better in any way at all. More cheerful, less headachy, more calm, fewer colds, and so on. And yet 2019 me has thought all of those things and suggested them to others, in exactly the same chirpy way that would have made 2009 me strangle someone 😆.

I’m sure it’s the dogs that have made the difference. Having a number of little joy generators leading you on can’t help but get you moving even when you don’t really feel like it, and they’re always so glad I did that I have to be glad too.

One thought on “2018 in review”

  1. This is so true! One sad look from a pooch and I will walk kilometres. And yet I would never do it just for myself!

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